Get clean anywhere and anytime without the need for the kitchen or bathroom sink. MomSpit fits effortlessly into a purse, gym bag, golf bag, hiking pack, picnic basket, briefcase or glove compartment. It sits beautifully on a desk at school or the office and travels well to the theatre, the stadium, the cottage and, dare we say, the dreaded but essential visit to the port-a-potty. Easy to use and easier to install than plumbing, it’s about immediate gratification with style in the elimination of dirt, wherever you are and whenever you need it most.

PICK YOUR PASSIONDesigned for when you’re on the move and in your groove, MomSpit is available in convenient and portable 2oz and 7oz moussing bottles in three unisex scents. You choose what’s right for you.

MomSpit Fig & Green Tea:
The spirit of fresh and fluffy white towels.
MomSpit Lemon & White Tea:
A shower of sunshine as you face the sky.
MomSpit Unscented:
When your present reality is total fulfillment.

VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFEWhether you’re urban, suburban or good old country, a soccer mom, golf dude, fashion diva or business suit,MomSpit was designed with versatility in mind. Its for you, when you’re on the move and in your groove.