What do we know about sleep orgasms?

What do we know about sleep orgasms?

Sleep orgasm is no longer taboo. Night climax is possible for both men, which has been known for a long time, and women. See how fulfillment comes about. Find out if orgasm has anything to do with the content of dreams.

  • Orgasm in sleep is experienced unconsciously and involuntarily by many people – men and women.
  • Nocturnal orgasms most often occur during REM sleep. However, it is not certain whether they are related to the content of dreams.
  • It is known, however, that in the REM phase there is an accelerated heart rate and increased blood supply to the male and female genitals.

Is sleep orgasm possible?

Sleep orgasm is not a myth. Both men and women experience it, most often during puberty and in the first years of adult life.

This applies in particular to people:

  • high libido ,
  • not satisfied during sexual activity,
  • endocrinologically unstable (large fluctuations in hormone levels, e.g. during puberty, during pregnancy, or in connection with the phases of the menstrual cycle).

Climax usually occurs completely unconsciously or on the verge of being awake or asleep. After waking up, no memories may be retained, but often the memory of a night’s orgasm is a good mood that lasts for many hours (the effect of releasing larger amounts of a hormone called oxytocin).

In men, orgasm in a dream is also associated with the ejaculation of semen, which inevitably leaves a tangible mark on underwear or bedding.

Where does orgasm come from while sleeping?

An orgasm during sleep is the result of numerous biochemical processes taking place in the body. For years, scientists have been investigating what is the cause of nightly climaxes and what is their direct mechanism. Still not everything is clear, but it is known that it is related to increased blood flow through the vessels of the vagina and penis.

This occurs during the sleep phase known as REM. Characteristic of it are:

  • high brain activity,
  • intense, realistic dreams
  • increased heart rate
  • rapid and irregular breathing.

All this increases the level of sexual arousal, which in some people can lead to orgasm.

Sleep orgasm in men

Sleep orgasm in men is a better known phenomenon. The climax associated with uncontrolled, unconscious ejaculation is referred to as nocturnal discharge or discharge.

In the old days it was believed that it was a manifestation of illness, mental disorders, sexual deviations, this problem was considered in terms of sin, impurity, shame. Nowadays, however, it is known that pollutants are a desirable physiological phenomenon, proving that the body is working properly.

In this way, excess sperm is removed, which should not remain in the testicles, so it is a form of self-regulation of the system. Blemishes often occur in young boys who, having reached puberty, have not yet started any sexual activity.

Note – pollution should not be confused with other phenomena, which are nocturnal erections (without ejaculation). The latter are probably related to the decrease in the concentration of norepinephrine, which also occurs in the REM phase (this hormone has an inhibitory effect on the so-called erectile center). What is worth emphasizing, pollution can occur even if the member is not erect.What do we know about sleep orgasms?

Female orgasm while sleeping

The female orgasm during sleep is a less tangible phenomenon and so far relatively poorly understood. It is only in recent years that this topic has been seriously explored, and it is slowly becoming taboo.

This is probably how the female body copes with excess sexual tension. Therefore, the night orgasm is more common in women who have a higher libido , do not maintain regular intercourse, do not masturbate.

It is not certain whether this type of orgasm is related to the content of dreams. Studies have shown, however, increased blood flow in the vessels providing blood supply to the intimate areas (source: Gene G. Abel and others). There is also an association with increased levels of sex hormones, for example in the ovulation phase, which occurs around the middle of the menstrual cycle.

As in the case of male pollutants, it was once believed that night climax in females may indicate various types of disorders. Today it is clear that this phenomenon is completely neutral, almost physiological.

In what position is it easiest for a woman to orgasm in her sleep?

A woman’s sleep orgasm can occur almost spontaneously if the arousal level is at its maximum. Often, however, climax is preceded by involuntary stimulation. These can be gentle hand movements, performed unconsciously, in your sleep.

Excitement is also intensified by rubbing or pressing intimate areas by bedding or a mattress. It was noticed that a higher probability of a night climax occurs when a woman sleeps on her stomach or wraps her partner’s thighs, or a fragment of a quilt or pillow. This is natural, because in this way the clitoris, located in the front part of the vulva, can be stimulated.