Sex drive - what strengthens it and what lowers it?

Sex drive is driven by hormones. A great influence on the Emotions, diet and health also have libido. See what strengthens the drive and what works destructively. Check out how to cope when the desire for sex decreases.

What is sex drive?

The concept of sexual drive (libido) is understood as the willingness to undertake activities in the intimate sphere, the desire to be satisfied. This is the first of the four phases of broadly understood sexual behavior, preceding arousal, copulation and relaxation.

The sex drive is driven by sex hormones – especially testosterone (T) and estradiol (E2), which affect specific centers in the brain.

The drive itself does not require stimulation from the partner or any other erotic stimulus. It is, however, a prerequisite for sexual activity to occur. So it is a kind of motivation, vulnerability, potential ability.

It is the libido  that enables the occurrence of excitement, i.e. a state of special emotional and sensual arousal, stimulated by external and internal factors (touch, sight, smell, imagination, fantasy, etc.).

Arousal and the associated physical arousal, which occurs as a result of a cascade of biochemical processes, allow for sexual intercourse or other sexual activities.

What boosts your sex drive?

Sex drive is an individual matter – its level is strongly individualized for each individual, what’s more, it also changes with age and as a result of numerous factors. What strengthens the sex drive and what leads to its weakening?

First of all, the level of sex hormones is important. The concentration of male testosterone, female estradiol and similar substances increases during puberty. Around the age of 35, men’s T levels begin to decline gradually. In the case of women, a clear turning point is the entry into menopause , the level of E2 then drops very quickly and clearly.

Sex drive - what strengthens it and what lowers it?In addition to age, which is a factor that cannot be modified in any way, determinants over which a person has a greater or lesser influence are also important in terms of drive. They work on the libido:

  • stress and fatigue, which can strongly negatively affect the hormonal balance and the general state of motivation, vitality, activity and efficiency. Therefore, if you want to strengthen and maintain your sex drive at a satisfactory level, you should avoid stressful situations and states. Mental hygiene is supported by: a regulated lifestyle, stability in the emotional, social, professional and economic spheres. The ability to control emotions, calm down, mental and physical regeneration is also important;
  • diet – a decrease in sex drive is often related to a diet low in mineral salts and vitamins, intake of highly processed products and those containing large amounts of saturated fats. A Mediterranean diet is recommended (olive oil, fish and seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts), especially fast food and snacks are not recommended. In particular, nutrients such as:
    • Vitamin E (vegetable fats, cereals, nuts, vegetables);
    • Vitamin A (offal, eggs, ripening cheeses, sea fish);
    • Selenium (offal, seafood, milk, eggs);
    • Zinc (meat, liver, brown bread, buckwheat);
  • general health, including possible hormonal, neurological, cardiovascular, metabolic and mental diseases and disorders. Sex drive disorders in men and women often occur in the case of obesity and co-occurring problems, such as hypertension or ischemic heart disease. They also have a negative impact atherosclerosis, diabetes, depression, neurotic and anxiety disorders.

How to keep

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