At MomSpit, delivering creatively clean and user-friendly skincare products is what we do with passion and joy. MomSpit no-rinse cleansers add quality, convenience and sheer enjoyment to life’s daily activities. We’re all about good, clean fun. We know you want only the best for yourself, your friends and your families, so you’ll love using MomSpit products for a fresh and clean feeling anywhere and anytime.


  • MomSpit products are user-friendly
  • MomSpit products are not tested on animals
  • MomSpit products are not manufactured anywhere using child labor
  • MomSpit products contain no human saliva, ’cause that would just be gross

STORYIt started with a conversation about lotions, potions and spit. Really.

We’re betting most of you have had your Mom use spit to clean your face or anything else that required polishing in a pinch. After all, a sink sure wasn’t close by every time you needed one. 

Enter MomSpit no-rinse cleanser – inspired by the original. MomSpit personal care products are premium, user-friendly and infused with fresh and gentle scents. They’re alcohol and paraben-free, pH balanced and biodegradable.

Please recycle your MomSpit containers.

MomSpit – inspired by the original.